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Closing A Home: How A Title Company Can Help You?

October 13, 2023

Buying a home is not just about looking for a place you like, and then paying for it; it can be an overwhelming process that involves contracts, paperwork, and people.

Now that you've gone through most of the challenging steps, such as finding your dream home and applying for and getting approved for a mortgage, you are ready to close the deal. But before getting a bottle of bubbles and celebrating, you still need to find the right title and escrow company for a stress-free closing process.

In this post, we'll look at how an experienced, efficient, and dependable title and escrow company may help with a variety of tasks that occur before and during the closing stages of a real estate transaction.

Importance Of Finding The Right Title And Escrow Company

Conducting Title Searches

This is an important stage in any real estate transaction that should be completed before the closing. It is the obligation of the title business to research and identify any potential dangers to the buyer's future ownership. To accomplish this, they examine judgments, utility assessments, hidden deeds, taxes, liens, and any other encumbrances that may impact ownership, such as forgery, unreleased mortgages, or undeclared heirs. 

The title company may even be required to investigate issues relating to zoning, use limitations, or improvement restrictions. There are a variety of potential issues that can arise during a title search, and while these issues can be easily discovered by examining public records, an unskilled person would not know what to look for. An expert title and escrow company will quickly detect any potential dangers that could jeopardize the buyer's ownership claim. As a result, the assistance of a reputable and professional organization is critical during this process.

Title Insurance Issuance

Title insurance is another service provided by title and escrow companies. Even while this method should assure that your title is clear of any encumbrances, it is nearly difficult to be confident that nothing will come up later that may jeopardize your property ownership. Once the title search has been completed, you want to ensure that you are covered against anything that was missed during the process, and the best way to do so is to obtain title insurance. A reputable title and escrow business will be able to give you a quality title insurance policy that will protect your investment.

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Estimate The Closing Costs

It is the title and escrow company's job to offer complete information regarding the projected closing costs of the real estate transaction.

Assist With Closing and Escrow

During settlement, a title company may also act as a closing agent and/or escrow officer. In this scenario, your title firm will serve as a go-between for the selling and buying parties, ensuring that the relevant paperwork is completed and documented. The title business will also make certain that all money, including closing charges and down payments, is paid and disbursed correctly.

A reputable title and escrow business can make certain that your closing goes off without a hitch. Working with a local company that understands local, state, and federal regulations and how they affect the closing process is a huge benefit.

IndyLegal is an Indiana-based title company that can help with your title services needs. Call us at 317-214-6023 to get started.

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