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Closing A Home – What Title Fees Does Seller Pay?

November 18, 2022

There are charges involved when closing a home and normally, it is expected to range from 3% to 6% of the purchase price for homeowners. The title fee is among the major expenses.

In this post, we'll discuss what title costs are, who is responsible for paying them, and their price in the home-buying process.

But First, What Are Title Fees?

The right to possess and utilize the property is known as the title. Among the costs included in closing costs are title fees. With the money from these costs, the title company will examine, verify, and guarantee the property's title.

Any potential title problems, such as encumbrances or liens, will be found by the title company through a title search. The business can then make any necessary adjustments and guarantee the accuracy of its findings.

You'll discover that there are several fees related to your title that can change depending on your circumstances. Getting your mortgage authorized can provide you with a fair ballpark idea of your overall closing costs and help you sort through the uncertainty if you're unsure of what to expect.

What Title Fees Does A Seller Pay?

Many costs associated with titles are referred to as title fees. The particular charges a buyer or a seller pays are determined by their unique circumstances and the specifics outlined in their purchase and selling agreement.

Here are a few typical fees, what they cover, and rough estimates of their expenses:

Title Search Fee

A title search is a procedure used to look up the owner of a piece of property by looking through public data related to it. Additionally, the search discloses any claims or liens against the property and may turn up any liens or claims that the present owner is not aware of.

Depending on the property's location, the cost of a title search might range from $75 to $200. Usually, the existing owner includes this cost in their selling expenses.

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Title Settlement Fee

The title firm will impose a fee known as a title settlement fee or a closing fee to pay closing-related administrative expenses. The specific costs of the charge may or may not be listed by title companies.

The expenses covered by the title settlement fee, which may vary, often include escrow (processing and disbursement of cash) fees, survey and notary fees, deed preparation fees, and other expenses related to a title search. The settlement fee might also be incorporated into other costs, such as legal expenses. 

Curious about what your title fees might cover? Click this link to talk to one of our specialists today!

Owner’s Title Insurance

The owner's title insurance shields the owner from any claims or liens on the title that the title firm overlooked, up to the purchase price of the property, similar to the lender's title insurance mentioned above.

Owner's title insurance will shield you if you purchase a home and two years later a relative of the former owner appears with a deed claiming ownership of the property. If not, you would still owe on your mortgage and lose the entire house.

Owner's title insurance is optional, unlike lender's title insurance, but it is recommended. Extra security is provided for a considerably lower cost than if a later-appearing unknown claim were to affect your title. It lasts as long as you own your home, unlike a lender's title insurance policy.

Attorney Fee

You will have to pay attorney costs if you hire a real estate lawyer (which is necessary for many areas). The cost of the lawyer reviewing the documents, including the title to the property, is covered by these costs.

Abstract And Recording Fee

The title search from the title company is summarized in the abstract. It gathers the information from the formal documents and the search's specifics and conveys it succinctly. The cost of a title abstract might range from $200 to $400 for an update to $1,000+ if a new title abstract needs to be prepared.

Deeds and other formal documents that are filed with your county's public records must pay recording fees. This fee's average cost across the country is about $125.

These are just some of the fees covered when closing a home. To learn more about your options, closing-related expenses, and more, just leave a comment or visit our website.

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