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The ABCs of Title Services: A Beginner's Guide

February 16, 2024

The primary function of title companies is to guarantee the correct transfer of title, which is the collection of rights comprising ownership, possession, use, access, and modification of real estate. 

It goes without saying that if the title is not properly conveyed, your purchase of the property could be tarnished by limitations, disagreements, and even expensive legal liabilities. For this reason, unless a full-service title company provides expert title services, no real estate transaction should be completed.

Title Examination

It is important to remember that the individual selling you the property is not necessarily the real owner. Even honest sellers may fail to realize that they do not have a clear and marketable title to the property they are selling, barring cases of blatant fraud. 

During a title examination, every document related to a property's "chain of title"—that is, the deeds, tax records, and mortgage loan transactions connected to the property from its creation to the present—is carefully examined to make sure that nothing is incorrect or missing, such as an incorrect or missing deed, an unresolved claim, or an unpaid lien.

Clarifying the rights associated with the property, as well as any encumbrances or easements, is another benefit of a title examination. For instance, because of an easement that is documented in the public records, you could be able to enjoy the right to exclusive possession, but you might also have to provide third people permission to traverse your land.

filling out title insurance form

Title Insurance Policy

You are shielded from any potential problems with the property's title with title insurance. There is still a chance that there are "hidden hazards" that even the most meticulous title investigations may miss, even if the title looks free of any problems.

If an unidentified claimant challenges your ownership of the property, your title insurance policy will pay for the defense expenses and will even refund you up to the policy's maximum amount. Plus, to purchase the property, you need to obtain a professional title insurance policy as most mortgage lenders require the borrower to do so before closing.

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